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August 15, 2011

For more information, contact:
Michele Compton, 816-607-2027

KC Scout System Falls Prey to Vandalism

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. – Recently KC Scout has experienced a significant amount of damage to, and theft of equipment. This has involved cabinets being damaged in an attempt to steal copper, none of which is housed in these cabinets. In the process, there has been a considerable amount of damage to the fiber optic cable that connects the system. Vandals have also damaged message boards and some overhead signs. As a result, the KC Scout system has lost the use of cameras, message boards, and detection equipment resulting in an inability to provide current information to responders, media and the public. When the fiber is cut, it is an expensive and time consuming process, to repair it. It will cost more than $150,000 to restore the system to operational status, not to mention the inconvenience to motorists who rely on the equipment to navigate their daily commute.

The suspects have gone to the effort of covering the cabinets with tree branches and other things to conceal their activities. This has happened throughout the Metro specifically the downtown area, also with several incidents occurring North of the River where new equipment is being installed.

Kansas City Scout is asking the public as well as the media to pay particular attention to the KC Scout equipment on the highways. This includes the silver-colored cabinets for the cameras, message boards, and detection stations. If you see any suspicious activity near any of the KC Scout equipment please call 911.


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